Lamina Care - Balance Stone Kit
If you are looking to elevate your inner and outer skin ritual looks no further than this winning combination of Lamina Care Jade facial roller and Gua Sha duo, curated to give you the best of both world without costing...
₹ 2,250.00
Lamina Care - D.L.R Facial Oil - Deep Layer Recovery
Deep Layer Recovery Facial Oil is a luxurious & skin celebrating beauty oil which treats every concerns. A concoction of beauty, harmony and exotic ingredients, penetrates into the deeper layer of skin, balances skin pH level and shows luminosity on...
₹ 1,100.00
Lamina Care - Glow Dust Facial Scrub
Enjoy the luxurious feel of this magical dust, as it gently and evenly polishes your skin. This sophisticated exfoliator is infused with a range of exotic herbs, rich in antioxidants and antifungal properties, that prevent the growth of harmful bacteria...
₹ 550.00
Lamina Care - Jade Facial Roller
Give your skin an extensive workout with our classic, high-quality Lamina Care jade roller. Crafted with Joyous Jade which is soaked in luck, healing and nourishment to offer you your well deserved “me time”, after a long stressed day. Congratulations!...
₹ 1,450.00
Lamina Care - Jade Gua Sha
Heal, clarify, purify and embark on a skincare journey that leads to youthful glowing skin with our Lamina Care Jade Gua Sha tool. The holistic treatment of Gua Sha using “the stone of youth”, Jade has been passed down for...
₹ 999.00
Lamina Care - Love Stone Kit
If you are looking to elevate your inner and outer skin ritual looks no further than this winning combination of Lamina Care Rose Quartz Facial Roller and Gua Sha duo. Treat yourself with these luxurious tools and create a sensual...
₹ 2,500.00
Lamina Care - Lush Lip Mask
Offer your lips the kiss of goodness with this Lush lip mask. Infused with the goodness of rose petals & almondette oil, let your lips feel as soft as the flower with this lipmask and breathe much needed life back...
₹ 650.00
Lamina Care - Mini Maestro Amethyst Gua Sha
Glide away from the stressors of daily life with the natural Amethyst Gua Sha tool which has a reputation for being deeply soothing. Dating back thousands of years Gua Sha has long been used as a healing technique. This skin...
₹ 1,450.00
Lamina Care - Rose Quartz Facial Roller
Get ready to roll with us and show your skin some eternal love. Crafted with love and harmony for your mind, body and spirit. Our exceptional quality rose quartz roller is best for detoxing, lifting, and softening fine lines and...
₹ 1,599.00
Lamina Care - Rose Quartz Gua Sha
Say Hello to glowing, radiant and relaxed skin with our both beautiful and deeply functional Lamina Care Rose Quartz Guasha tool.” Gua sha” is a century-old practice that promotes flow of energy while massaging the tool lightly on the skin....
₹ 1,100.00
Lamina Care - Serenity Anjan
This decadent eye balm soothes eyes in a single application and provides relief to your most vital senses. Crafted with carefully sourced ingredients, this rich and smooth eye balm helps you de-stress and relaxes you instantly. Direction to use: Apply...
₹ 850.00
Lamina Care - Vital Nourishment Kit
The Vitals Nourisher kit is crafted for you to destress and unwind while healing and nourishing your vita senses. Comprising our best-selling product Glow Dust Facial Scrub, Lush Lip Mask and Serenity Anjan is a perfect gift for your loved...
₹ 1,850.00
Reflection Weekly Planner
Reflection -by Lamina care is here to de-clutter your minds and desks. An uncomplicated, comprehensible weekly planner that reminds you to not be too hard on yourself and most importantly make each day of the week a productive one. This...
₹ 550.00
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