Dandruff Oil Pod
Ban-D-Rough is a dandruff prevention natural oil blend that eliminates microbial infections on the scalp resulting in an itch-free, anti-flaky but luscious hair.Trust us, this one isn’t a real head-scratcher.In fact, it relieves you of them.Set of 8 Oil Pods ACTIVATED...
₹ 750.00
Hair Fall Oil Pod
Hair to Stay is a hair fall prevention natural oil blend that gives your scalp the essential nutrients required to strengthen your hair from their roots to prevent breakage.It is time to reseed the recede!Set of 8 Oil Pods ACTIVATED ELEMENTS ...
₹ 750.00
Nourishment Oil Pod
You’l be oil right is a nourishing natural oil blend that locks in hydration, infusing lush texture into your hair.Get ready to say bye to grey hair and welcome lively, smooth and frizz-free hair. We’re sure you’l be oiled for...
₹ 750.00
Shine Up - Combination of Hair Fall and Nourishment Oil Pods
HAIR FALL + NOURISHMENTIf you are reading this, then this is the ‘shine’ you were looking for! This combo of natural oil blends gives you a 2-way action. One, it provides your scalp with the essential nutrients required to strengthen...
₹ 750.00
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