Hemp, Black Seed Oil & Onion Shampoo
Hemp, Black Seed Oil & Onion ShampooGive your hair the Seed of Blessing, with our Black Seed Shampoo! It incorporates a special mix of Argan Oil, Onion Extract, Black Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Amla Extract, and more, that builds...
₹ 713.39
Amayra Naturals Happy Hair Days Conditioner  - 100ml
This intensive hair conditioner, which is free of SLS/SLES (Sulphates), is enriched with Pro Vitamin B5 , Rosemary Extract to leave your hair fine, smooth and lustrous whilst repairing it to leave it healthy and nourished.(1)Suplhate & Paraben Free Hair...
₹ 266.96
Hemp & Banana Conditioner
Hemp & Banana ConditionerGive your hair the conditioning it deserves, and watch it bloom to gorgeous glory, with our special Banana Conditioner! Infused with the moisturizing properties of bananas, and a whole good of Hemp Seed Oil, this conditioning solution...
₹ 534.82
Hemp & Avocado Shampoo
Hemp & Avocado ShampooTake an all-natural take on the typical fizz! Bring drying, lifeless and thirsty hair back to life! Our exclusive Avocado & Hemp Seed Oil Shampoo leaves the hair perfectly washed, sublime and soft to the touch! This detoxifying shampoo...
₹ 713.39
Hemp & Banana Shampoo
Hemp & Banana ShampooLooking for gorgeous, healthy-looking hair? It all starts with the right shampoo, with the right ingredients! Our Banana Shampoo is the perfect solution for dry, dull, and dead hair! The shampoo contains Argan Oil, Banana Juice, Banana...
₹ 713.39
Hemp & Avocado Conditioner
Hemp & Avocado ConditionerLet your tresses discover rich strength, smoothness, and lustre with the perfect Avocado Conditioner! This conditioning solution has a blend of all-natural ingredients that aids in transforming your hair texture and shine. Avocado Conditioner is designed to...
₹ 534.82
Hemp & Black Seed Oil & Onion Conditioner
Hemp & Black Seed Oil & Onion ConditionerRedefine healthy and strong hair with the nourishment of the Onion Conditioner! Repair and restructure damaged hair with ease! This smooth conditioning solution contains Hemp Seed Oil, Black Seed Oil, and Onion Extract,...
₹ 534.82
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