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Nature Therapy

Eye Mask

Rs. 800.00

Handmade • Cotton • Environment Friendly • Luxurious • Local Craftsmanship

This eye mask is made of the finest cotton derived from the eucalyptus tree making it environment friendly) and allowing your skin to breathe!
The handmade lace symbolizes local craftsmanship

Each product is handmade and hence, will have slight variations in color and size

How this material is made
Eucalyptus is a woody flowering tree or shrub. It is a fast growing plant that has attracted attention for producing an oil that can be used for cleaning and as a natural insecticide. When it is harvested, it is cut. Unlike organic cotton plants, eucalyptus is woody and therefore needs energy input to convert it into a soft fibre before it can be used for clothing. Eucalyptus as a material is known as Tencel Lyocell. It is made from the pulp of eucalyptus trees. Lyocell fiber is eco-friendly since products made from it can be recycled and Lyocell is biodegradable because it is a cellulosic fiber. Products made from Lyocell can be recycled or digested in sewage. The fibre will usually degrade completely in just eight days in waste treatment plants.

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