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Cupido Grey Square Ceramic Snack/Dessert Plate

Rs. 880.00

Dressing up or down with ease, this elegant grey square starter plate adds a clean definition to its sophisticated, modern design. Featuring a unique shape and design, this plate is worth all your attention!

Awash in warm shades of grey, our Cupido square starter plate enchants with clean square shape and the unpredictable nature of reactive glaze. Hand-applied glaze sheets and patterns on the plate are a captivating array that's unique to each plate.

Designed as a potter's wheel pattern, this crockery square starter plate extends a warm welcome to your guests. Earthy yet stylish, this stoneware plate is a luxury to own! It compliments best with the CUPIDO GREY DINNNERSET COLLECTION of plates & bowls.

  • Subtle detailing on the surface
  • Bests to enjoy starters,snack and even desserts
  • This product is handcrafted and hence each piece may vary from the other
  • Material - Handcrafted Ceramic
  • Dimensions - Diameter: 6" inches
  • Items Included: 1 Plate
  • Colour - Grey
  • Style No. - 3GC-D005
  • Care Instructions - Hand wash & dish wash
  • Just as friendly with the microwave as it is with the dishware and an oven; all it asks for is to be handled with love and care.
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