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Birth of NUAAH

India – a name, a country, an enchantment, and a fascination. It is the land that has nurtured civilizations over eons. Civilizations that produced wonders – a fitting homage to this abundant land, both magical and mystical. From the golden silks of Assam to the Madurai Sungudi of Tamil Nadu, from the elaborately handcrafted woodworks to the intricate Zardozi, India has gifted the world culture, royalty, and an insatiable curiosity.


At NUAAH, we are focused on providing a wholesome experience, nurtured in the bosom of this glorious land, as we bring you the best of what each sister (states) has to offer, from their laps to your doorstep.


A vision to promote and present the art of homegrown products that are carefully curated from local markets and bazaars across India for the world to see.

Why Stop at NUAAH?

So, why shop at NUAAH? Because at NUAAH, it is more than just e-commerce – it’s tradition, it’s a journey of discovery, it’s a celebration, it is poetry. NUAAH strives to deliver only the best of our very own homegrown brands and thrives in the success of our desi entrepreneurs.

Our Goal

The goal at NUAAH is simple yet significant – we want to rekindle the fire of Indian creativity, reclaim the beauty of Indian handiworks, and restore the magic of Indian artisans. When you come to NUAAH, you don’t add items to a shopping cart, you add a piece of heritage, a dash of colour and an indelible memory to your jholi of life.


Listen to what our customers have to say about us. It's always a delight to see some great comments from you! We believe these comments would help us grow and built a better team. So, thank you!

Perfect Quality & Design

Loved the quality of one sided eyelet dress, it was perfect fit. The product was delivered within 2 days, super fast delivery and excellent product, thanks NUAAH.


Quality products, reliable, fast delivery.

Our offerings


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Crafted by Rural Women

Hand-crafted by rural women of India and is finished by skilled metal artisans, These products create a presence of its own and brings an amazing vibe to the table.

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Color for every mood

There is a tale in every product on our website, every image, every content speaks a different emotions. Explore our range of products.

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Tea Culture Of The World

Refreshing blend of zesty lemon, honey and green tea leaves. A squeeze of lemon and sweetness of honey interlock in a tight embrace. The warm citrusy lemons and sweetness of honey become one. As a pool of bubbling water ensconces them giving you a smoothing blend of brew that’s refreshing and relaxing.



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